Suggested Activities

Physical Activities

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It is really important that everyone continues to stay active while we aren't at school.  Although we wont be able to play team sports for a little while, there are many other fun ways to keep moving.  This page has some ideas that you might want to try at home.



This week's physical challenge is... The keepy uppy challenge! 


This can be done with a football, bean bag, balloon, or anything else you fancy! How many times can you bounce your ball off different parts of your body without it touching the floor?


Send photos of you completing your challenge (along with your highest score) to Mrs White - 

Missing playing football?  Why not try out this goalkeeping challenge through Leigh Bedwell Goalkeeping?


Click here for a link to cosmic kids yoga on Youtube


Looking for a fun activity to get your heart pumping? Why not try dancing along to Go Noodle? Or creating your own dance routine for your favourite song?


Joe Wicks is offering a free 30 minute workout aimed at children via his Youtube channel @ 9am every weekday morning.  Click here to find out more.


Here are some really good ideas for keeping your kids active inside the house.


We can get active in our gardens too, so why not try...

  • Skipping
  • Hopscotch
  • Throwing or kicking a ball at a target
  • Making an assault course
  • Helping a grown up with the gardening
  • Keepy uppys challenge (set your own target to reach)
  • French elastics
  • Skittles
  • Sit down, stand up challenge while bouncing a ball
  • Create your own crazy golf hole (or football crazy golf!) 



Some of our younger pupils will enjoy trying a dough disco

All you will need is a ball of play doh and some energy!  This is a fun way to develop finger muscles and coordination which will help with writing.