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Uniform at Blewbury School

We consider the wearing of correct uniform to be very important at Blewbury School, it helps set the mood for applying yourself to learning and also helps create an understanding that there are various dress codes appropriate to the activity you are undertaking whether a child or an adult.

Our uniform is smart yet easy to wear.

It is really important that all garments including coats and shoes should be named.



Girl’s uniform

Black school shoes

White socks or

Black/Red/Grey tights

Black Plain Trousers


Black and White Tartan skirt

White Polo Shirt*

( these are available with logo)

Red Sweatshirt with logo*


Red Cardigan with logo*

Trainers for outside wear

( Wellington Boots in bad weather) 

Boy’s uniform

Black School Shoes

Plain socks

Plain Black school Trousers

Or shorts

White Polo Shirt*

( these are available with logo)

Red Sweatshirt with logo*

Trainers for outside wear

( Wellington Boots  in bad weather)




Children may not wear jewellery to school, if ears are pierced earrings must be removed for PE.

Watches may be worn but should be identifiable.

Clothes marked with an * are available from school.

It is particularly important that children have the correct kit for PE. This is an essential part of the curriculum.

PE bags are available to store PE kit in the cloakroom.*



Plain White Tee shirt

Red shorts*

Bare foot inside

Trainers with socks outside

(Spare sweatshirt

Tracksuit bottoms –

For winter games)

Children will go outside for games throughout the year. If girls are wearing tights they must have socks for outside games, they may wear tracksuits over the top of their teeshirt and shorts when it becomes colder. They must always have their indoor kit with them.

PE kit should be brought in on Monday and taken home to wash on Friday.

Those children taking part in swimming must have a hat. Goggles, if really necessary, can only be worn once a letter seeking permission has been sent to the head teacher.

If attending an after school  sport’s club pupils should check whether they need special kit eg football boots, shin pads.

Other items available from school

                                Red and Black Rucksacks - smaller KS1/ larger KS2

                                Red and Black Book Bags

                                Sun Hats

                                Waterbottles – Red, Blue, Green and Yellow