Key Stage 2

Friday 22nd - chapters 17, 18 and 19. Mr B 


Friday 22nd May 2020

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 Please write a paragraph answering some of the following questions. Remember to use the text to back-up your answers, thoughts and opinions.

Was Jeff right to stop being friends with Bradley?

Has Jeff behaved badly or is this all Bradley’s fault?

Do you think Jeff really wants it to be like this?

Are his new friends really a better option?

How has Bradley reacted to this?

How do you feel about Bradley as the reader?

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Thursday 21st: Chapters 15 and 16

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  1. Do you think Bradley believes his own lies? Use the text to back up your answer! 
  2. How does Bradley explain his tears to his sister?
  3. Which toy played ‘Bradley’ in Bradleys re-enactment of his game?
  4. Which toy played ‘Jeff’ in Bradleys re-enactment of his game? How was Jeff different in the game-version of the fight? 
  5. Explain how the author uses humour. Find an example in each of the two chapters. (Two examples) 
  6. How does he try and get him into trouble?
  7. Why does nobody know about Bradley’s black eye?
  8. The teacher was teaching the difference between adverbs and adjectives. Can you tell me the difference? He he!

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Wednesday 20th May: Chapters 12,13 and 14

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  1. Explain why Carla thought what Colleen said was funny.
  2. Why couldn’t Carla talk properly to Colleen?
  3. In Bradley’s meeting with Carla, what did she misunderstand about what he said about ‘trust’?
  4. Explain why Bradley thinks Jeff will be his ONLY friend.
  5. At the begging of chapter 14 what does Jeff do that shows the reader that Bradley normally doesn’t do his homework?
  6. What is a ‘sidewalk’?
  7. Who was the first person to lay their hands on the other in the scuffle?
  8. How did you as the reader feel when the girls beat Bradley in the fight and why?

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Chapters 10 and 11

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  1. Explain how Jeff was quite brave with Bradley at the begging of chapter 10.
  2. What does Bradley think the girl’s bathroom will be like?
  3. Name THREE things that are annoying Bradley about Jeff.
  4. If you were Carla, how would you get Bradley back into your office?
  5. Do you think Bradley and Jeff’s friendship is a good friendship? Explain.
  6. Who is getting the most out of the friendship?
  7. What INSULT was said to Jeff by a basketball-playing boy and what does this tell us about his physical appearance?
  8. Explain in your own words how Jeff persuades Bradley to come over to his house to do homework. He used a clever tactic!

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Mon 18th Chapter 9

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Today’s questions need longer, more detailed answers. Use evidence and examples from the text to back-up what you want to say about both characters.


  1. Explain Carla’s tactics in that meeting. What does she say and why? How does she react to Bradley? Why doesn’t she get cross with him? How is she trying to get close to Bradley? Think about what she says. What does she want from the meeting? What is her objective or her long-term plan with Bradley?
  2. What about Bradley? How was he feeling? Why was he so rude? Why is he so suspicious of Carla? How do we know he does not want to be there? Also, explain why you think Bradley lies to everyone – what is the reason for this?   

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Wed 20th - Please read chapters 12, 13 and 14. Video and questions to follow later on... 

Tuesday 19th - Chapters 10 & 11. Questions to follow...

Monday 18th - Please read chapter 9 to begin with and then video and questions will appear later on, enjoy, Mr B 

Fri 15th - please read chapter 8. Video and questions will be published later on this morning. Mr B

Thursday 14th - please read chapters 6 & 7. Video and questions will be published later on this morning. Mr B 

Wednesday 13th - please read chapters 4 & 5. Video and questions will be published later on this morning. Mr B 

Tuesday 12th Chapter 3

Monday 11th May - Chapters 1 & 2

Thursday - FINISH IT! Mr B ;) 

Wednesday – Please read ‘Battle of Camp Gorm’ from the star on 251 to the star on 262.

05/05/20 Read The Battle of Camp Gorm up to the star on page 251. Questions will follow early afternoon. Mr B 

04/05/20: Please read the end of Wagon in the Woods - optional questions later,Mr B 

Friday May 1st: Please read Interlude on p222 and then ‘Wagon in the Woods’ up to the star on p231.  

Thursday 30th - Finish 'Tales Within Tales' today please - enjoy! 

Wednesday 29th: Please read chapter 'Tales Within Tales' up to the star on Page 211. There will be no questions for the rest of the week but if you look on the Banksy Blog, there are some reading activities (comprehensions) on J K Rowling, Rold Dahl and Usain Bolt for KS2. These will be good to do because the style is 'biography'(thought they might get you in the mood for your own writing). We will return to questions on Podkin next week if that's cool? Will post a video later on anyhow. Enjoy reading, Mr B ;)   

Tuesday 28th: Morning all. Please finish the chapter 'The Burning'. I will post 10 comprehension questions later on today. Mr B

 28th Continued...No video today folks - slow internet here, but here are today's questions... 

  1. Why was the guard rabbit the best rabbit to ask?
  2. Which word says the army of rabbits was not properly formed or regimented?
  3. Explain one good thing about the smoke.
  4. Which word tells you that Podkin didn’t know the exact location of the Sellsword enclosure?
  5. Explain why Crom couldn’t fight properly.
  6. What is masonry?
  7. Which word tells you that it was not clear what was in Mish’s and Mash’s balls?
  8. How does the author make it clear they were in the smoky tunnel for a long time?
  9. Who was the first person to realise that Boneroot was about to be destroyed?
  10. Find two things that make Scramashank different to the other Gorm.

The next Book Club book (which we will start in approx 2 week's time) will be...

Monday 27th: Good morning everybody. 

You have a lot of research and reading to do over the next couple of days on your chosen scientist so we will split the chapter 'The Burning' into two parts over the next two days. Let's read down to the bottom on Page 186 today. It's still seven pages long. I will post a video and some comprehension questions later this morning, Mr B 

Big chapter on Podkin today. Read ‘Sellswords’ then answer the comprehension questions what will be posted on this page later this morning.

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Thursday 23rd April 2020

It's a quick one today folks - interlude is short and I would like you to save chapter 11 for tomorrow. Instead of spending your time reading loads, I would like you to write me a big prediction for the second half of the book. We are half way through now so there's still lots of action to come! 

You may want to think about…

  • What will become of the three main characters at the end of the book? (Pod, Paz and Pook)
  • Is everyone back at their home warren dead?
  • How will they escape being held hostage at Boneroot?
  • What will happen with Gorm? Will they be defeated?
  • Any TWISTS in the story?
  • Any other ideas about how the plot will unfold based on what has happened so far? 

Please leave your predictions in the comments section blow or email them over to me. 

Catch you all tomorrow for Chapter 11: 'Sellswords'! 

WED 22nd- Please read chapter 10: 'Fox Paw' and I will post later on, Mr B

Tuesday 21st - Please read chapter 9: 'Shape and Quince' and I will post later on, Mr B

Monday 20th - Please read chapter 8: 'Boneroot' and I will post later on, Mr B 

FRIDAY: Big read today folks - let's do the next 'Interlude' and Chapter 7 'The Witch in the Woods'. I will post a video later, Mr B 

Thursday - read chapter 6, 'One-Ear' and I will post a short video in a while folks. 

Happy Wednesday guys! Hope you have all had a chance to catch up? We will be reading chapter 5 Redwater today. I will post a video with some optional questions a little later on. Mr B

To my knowledge there are a few people who are a bit behind after the bank holiday weekend so we will have a break today and kick off chapter 5 Redwater tomorrow (Wednesday). You could do half of chapter 5 today and half tomorrow if you were eager to read? (it's a long chapter!) See you all tomorrow, Mr B 

Friday 10th April 

Morning people! Please read chapter 5 'Interlude' over the long weekend - you have three days!

I will post a video and questions on Monday 13th. Have a nice Easter, 

Mr Brabin 

Thursday 9th April 

Morning everybody. Please read 'Timber!' (chapter 4) and I will post a video later. Enjoy, Mr B 

Wednesday 8th April 

Morning everybody. Please read Starclaw (chapter 3) and I will post a video later. Enjoy, Mr B 

Tuesday 7th April

Morning folks. Please read chapter 2 'The Worst Bramblemas Ever' and I will post a video later on once I've finished reading. Try and try to take in as much as possible because I'll be asking you a lot more questions today! Enjoy and remember, don't go any further. Mr B 



The Legend of Podkin One-Ear, by Kieran Larwood: