Key Stage 2 - 29th June

Writing KS2 220620

Theme: Pirates

Text type/ Form: Poetry

Purpose : To entertain

Audience : Children or adult readers.

This week's writing will be Pirate poetry. Reading different types of poems and having a go at writing your own.

Writing WALT: Write a poem. Use figurative language and poem structure. Hold the interest of the reader. Present the poem appropriately.

Reading WALT: read and comprehend texts in order to inform our writing.

Reading Comprehension

A reading comprehension aimed at year 5 and 6.

Easier reading comprehensions

Writing activities

The aim for this week is for you to have produced a poem. The following planning is for a Free verse style with the extension of a Haiku.

Alternatively, you can make up your own poem and choose your own structure. It could be narrative, descriptive, rhyming - its up to you!

Task 1: Getting to know the poem structure - both easier and harder

Read the poem above 'Ten things found in a wizards pocket'

What do you notice about the structure? It is numbered 1 - 10.

What do you notice about numbers 1, 4 and 10? All have - A (adjective) (noun) - simple noun phrase.

Whereas the other lines are descriptive sentences including a verb.

All lines apart from line 2 start with 'A' - (determiner). Line 2 has 'Some' - (determiner) 

 Explore the poems structure ready for writing your own about a Pirate.


Task 2: What would be in a pirates pocket

List 10 things that you might find in a pirates pocket or you could change it to a Pirates ship / treasure chest.

Once you have the 10 things then you need to choose 3 to be simple noun phrases and the other 7 to be descriptive sentences.



Structure your poem exactly the same as the wizard's poem. Use some of the words in the different lines and change the objects to be Pirate related.



Keep to the idea of a pirates pocket or treasure chest / ship and create your own style of poem.

Can you get yours to rhyme? Use similes, alliteration or personification.



Finally, read through your writing checking for word choice, punctuation and presentation. How are you going to present your Pirate Poem? Send it to your teacher.

Extension writing - Why not have a go at writing a Haiku poem for pirates or anything pirate related.