Key Stage 2 - 29th June

Reading and Writing KS2 060720

Theme: Olympics.

Text type: Narrative story or character description

Purpose : To entertain. 

Audience : Children or adult readers.

This week's writing and reading is around Greek myths.

Writing WALT: Write or retell a myth. Including a quest, hero and mythical beast.

Reading WALT: read and comprehend in order to use ideas within writing.

Reading Comprehension

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Myths to be read


Key Vocabulary


Perseus                   monster                       minotaur

Medusa.                  quest.                          Athens

myth                        prophecy                     athenian

mythical.                  Zeus                          King Minos

creature                  Danae                          Crete

Writing activities

Task 1 : Reading

The first thing you need to do is to read the myths above and begin to understand what makes a myth. Many greek myths  include a hero, monster and a quest.

Read the above myths and the reading comprehensions above then look at the Mythical story planner below.

What parts of the story fit in each circle? Setting? Hero? Dilemma/quest? e.t.c

Task 2: Decision time 

At this point you could choose to write a new myth with your own creature, hero and quest OR rewrite on of the myths above OR write and draw a character description of a mythical beast.

Once you have decided which writing you would like to do then please remember the audience above. You are writing to entertain, so which narrative you choose it needs to entertain. 

if you are writing your own myth then refer to the planner above to help you organise your ideas.

The myth could be typed, hand written or verbally told/dramatised. Up to you. 

Click here for Mythical masks

If you are making up your own creature and character profile. Look at this powerpoint for ideas on descriptions.

You could make a wanted poster.

Click here for some ideas

Finally, read through your writing checking for word choice, punctuation and presentation. Send it to your teacher.