Key Stage 2 - 29th June

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Some fantastic pirate work from children still at home this week...

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Wed 3rd June

Rob Brabin (robb) on: Banksy Blog

Hi Banksy if you are still at home!

We have not forgotten you!

Please continue with your Flotsam story – the next bit a dialogue (speech). You are going to write the conversation between the boy and the lifeguard.

Remember to look at the Dialogue Ladder on the main KS2 page and also look at the two WAGOLLs. They will both help to remind you how we set out speech in stories. But do rememeber…

  • New person speaking = new line
  • Remember all the punctuation
  • Don’t forget to tell the story in between the speech.

Good luck, Mr B

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Tuesday 2nd June

Rob Brabin (robb) on: Banksy Blog

Morning folks. 

Firstly, look at today's video. Then look at the two WAGOLLs if you haven't yet.

Think of a name for your character - I've gone for 'Samuel' - he just looks like a Samuel to me! 

Write the first section of the story up until the boy finds the Camera. Remember all that descriptive language and also tell the story! 

You could start with...'It was a hot day at the beach.'

Have a good day, Mr B 

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Monday 1st June 2020

Rob Brabin (robb) on: Banksy Blog

Morning all, 

Monday's work...

Please watch the video to begin with.

Google 'Flotsam'. What is flotsam? Write your won definition. (Should only take 5 mins to do this) 

Your main job today is to familiarise yourself with the book. I want you to know that story inside out. Read the book at least twice I would. Try retelling it to a family member. Can you explain the last bit clearly? (The photo inside a photo inside a photo inside a photo inside a photo...)  

You could make some notes on the key points in the plot as an optional task too if you like? 

Finally, have a look at the two WAGOLLs linked above. I wrote these on a story I made up, but they show the THREE sections that you will be writing throughout the week. I would like you to produce the same kind of thing this week, but for the Flotsam story. 

You are still welcome to leave comments below - this page isn't just about the work! Let's communicate with each other Banksy Class! Isn't that right Mrs Bayliss and Mrs Bealey? 

Mr B x

PS It's my birthday on Wednesday! 


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Friday 22nd May

Rob Brabin (robb) on: Banksy Blog

Morning everybody and hope you are all ok?

Another reminder that I will be taking a week off for half term next week. There will be a topic on the KS2 website (describing a setting based on some pictures/photographs of this week’s chosen county). Have a great week and I will send something through for Monday 1st June.  

Ok, Friday 22nd May...


Today is obviously all about finishing your project on a country. A reminder that I don’t mind how the information is presented, but things it absolutely must to have are…

  • Continent
  • Climate
  • Population
  • Physical and human features (landmarks)
  • Language 
  • Currency (type of money used)
  • Which line of Latitude or Longitude it lies on

Also, today could you include the national flag too? Print or sketch? I forgot to mention this on the other emails. Is there any meaning behind the national flag? Email the final presentations/projects over to me if you would like them published on the Banksy blog.   

Reading Tasks

There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom: Please read chapters 17, 18 and 19, then answer comprehension questions on the website, book club page. 

Finish both geography-themed reading comprehensions if you haven’t done them already.  (links above this post)

Finally, because Book Club is on hold for a week, I suggest you pick up your own individual reading book and get re-familiarised with it (if you haven’t already!) I know many of you are really enjoying book club and reading along with me, but the ultimate goal is for you guys to be totally independent readers. Really show me next week that you don’t actually need Mr B to enjoy a good book! 


People have been doing the SPaG questions reasonably well this week but most of you need practice on using ‘hyphens’. There is some good stuff on Education City about hyphens so just search for it in the search bar if you fancy it.

Each of these sentences needs at least TWO hyphens added. Please write them out with the hyphens added. (number 8 has even more!)  

  1. The nice natured girl attended the clown themed Christmas party
  2. The blue eyed boy was owl like in his appearance.
  3. The good looking lady had a model like figure
  4. His blood red eyes stared at the ten year old in front of him. 
  5. The word famous actor was close up to the camera.
  6. The long winded story was told in the pitch black.
  7. The able bodied girl helped the bad tempered man. 
  8. The baby faced man eating giant was clean shaven and brown haired 


Do the Bitesize lesson (or if you are using an alternative that’s fine) Below is the arithmetic work…

  1. 7223+ 676 + 2.9 =
  2. 6721 – 993 =
  3. 352 x 4 =
  4. 4802 ÷ 7=
  5. 389.47 + 55.387 + 5.8=
  6. 111.111 – 22.689 =
  7. 32 X 682 =
  8. 315232 ÷ 32=  

    Have a great Friday everybody, Mr B

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Thursday 21st May 2020

Rob Brabin (robb) on: Banksy Blog

Morning everybody and hope you are all ok?

Guys- next week, I am going to take a week off for half term break (week beginning Monday 25th May). I have gone full pelt since we began lockdown but really need to take a week for family time - I know you guys will understand. There will still be a big project (describing a setting) on the KS2 section of the website and I will ensure there are reading comprehensions on the Banksy Blog page for those who want to do them. Any questions or concerns, please get in touch this week as I will be away from my email next week.   

Ok, here is an optional plan for today….

Topic Writing

So, you should have chosen your country and have quite a few notes on it already. Check through yesterday’s list of things to investigate to see what you are still missing. Maybe find a travel/nature documentary on your country somewhere? See what’s on YouTube, Netflix or just continue using the internet in general to get all of those facts. Have you used Google Earth/Maps to really study it geographically? You should be able to describe what is north, south, east west and central in your country. You should know where the main cities are roughly, bordering countries, where the sea/ocean is in relation to it.  Also those physical and human features are important. (Natural and man-made landmarks)

NEXT: You need to decide HOW you are going to present your country to me over the next couple of days. Are you going to do a big poster? Fact-file? PowerPoint? Make a start today and email what you’ve done at the end of the day (even if it’s half finished!) It’s up to you how you present your findings but remember TWO things…

  1. Make it attractive to look at and well presented. Make it bright and cheery if you can.
  2. Include those main important facts. Maybe use facts boxes or bubbles around a central picture 

Reading Tasks

There’s a Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom: Please read chapters 15 and 16 then answer comprehension questions on the website, book club page. 

There is that reading comprehension called ‘Facts About Greece’ which I would like you to answer today if you haven’t done it already.  (link on Banksy Blog Page)

SPaG TASK (Sorry it has said noun phrases here for past few days – was supposed to say ‘Puncutation

Add the punctuation into these sentences keeping them as one sentence. Commas, brackets, capital letters, hyphens and full stops

  1. oh my goodness screamed joe
  2. the book was called watership down
  3. the nice natured girl wore a blue coloured dress
  4. ronnie osulivan who is rich plays snooker
  5. my labrador a popular breed of dog in called molly
  6. in the banksy pencil pots there should be pens pencils rulers and a rubber
  7. jane asked who wants to read first today  
  8. miss costello drove to school I in her peugeot on monday  


Do the Bitesize lesson (or if you are using an alternative that’s fine)

  1. 4529+ 443 + 7.8 =
  2. 7111 – 862 =
  3. 224 x 3 =
  4. 5052 ÷ 6=
  5. 754.68 + 24.886 + 4.9=
  6. 566.72 – 62.783 =
  7. 44 X 723 =
  8. 20685 ÷ 21=  

    Have a great Thursday everybody, Mr B


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For WAGOLLs and PowerPoint with story - scroll down under first video! 

Check this biography out from Lola Bealey - just amazing...

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