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Have you been enjoying the sunshine?

Becky Clark (beckyc) on: Goldsworthy Blog

Hi Everyone - we hope that you are all well and have managed to enjoy getting out into the lovely sunshine (well covered in sun-cream and hats of course!) for a walk or play. We have even managed to do some maths in the garden this week which has been lovely as we were all getting very fed up with the kitchen! 

Can you believe that it is officially half term next week? Well done everyone for getting through a whole half term of learning at home and for producing such a lot of fantastic work. We hope you have had a chance to enjoy looking at the class 'displays' below which show case all your news - and look at Amos's lovely ducklings!

We will still be 'here' next week - so do keep sending in work that you do - we hope people will try to finish some writing or project work. However, it is half term so enjoy a break and how about sending us an 'e-postcard' telling us what you have been up to? We would love to hear your news!

Miss you all!

Stay safe!

Lots of love from Mrs J and Mrs C xxx

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Where are your imaginations taking you this week?

Becky Clark (beckyc) on: Goldsworthy Blog

Good Morning Everyone - another sunny day!

We hope you are all well and happy. We have loved receiving all your work but we wonder what else you have been up to when you are not doing lovely work for us to see? Mrs Clark is going to be contacting you all soon about a 'Post Card from Lockdown' project and we hope lots of you will join in and share thingsthat you have been doing with us. So watch this space!

Over the next couple of weeks our theme is 'Through the Keyhole'  and we have suggested lots of activities that will 'take you'  to new places in this wonderful world and also to some imaginary places too. I am sure that many of you enjoy creating your own imaginary lands/places in stories, games, pictures and also on minecraft. Well, here's your chance to share those ideas and write about them. We can't wait to see what super ideas you come up with and the interesting projects you work on! 

Here in the Jacob household we are deeply into Miraculous Super-heroes and all three of my girls have been creating their own super-hero persona, costume and 'Kwami' (little helper) and working out which ' moves' they will make to 'transform'! I think I'm going to send my three super-heroes through a magic door to have an adventure of their own!

Have a good week!

Love from us all!

Mrs J and Mrs Cx

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What a lot of amazing houses!

Becky Clark (beckyc) on: Goldsworthy Blog

Good Morning Everyone!

We hope you had a lovely long weekend and enjoyed the weather on Friday and Saturday...but oooh...wasn't it cold yesterday!

We have loved seeing all your amazing houses over the last few days- you have all come up with super ideas and the wolf would be really challenged by many of them...or even bedazzled by one!! We can't wait to see what you get up to this week! 

Over the weekend I thought of you all lots as things came up that reminded me of work we have all done together over the last year. Firstly, I wonder how many of you did anything to celebrate the 75th anniversary of V.E. Day, which is why we had that extra day off on Friday? It reminded me of all your lovely work about relations you found about about who had served in the Wars and the poppy wreathes we made. Here, in our village, we had a 'drive-way picnic' and everyone set up tea-parties on their drives with lots of red, white and blue bunting and we all waved at each other! It was good fun. 

Another thing that made me think of you all was hearing the Queen making a special speech to mark VE day and encourage everyone at this strange time. I wonder if anyone heard her? You could probably find it on I-player as it was on quite late.

Finally I received some lovely pictures of the children in our home in India who we learned about when we were re-telling 'Priya goes to School'. They have been doing the Paper Dolls project too and so i have added their pictures along with yours! They have all been trying to keep bust too during the lockdown in Chennai.

Take Care. We miss you!

Love from Mrs J and Mrs Cxxx


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Work from this week - 18th May 'Through the Keyhole'

Lovely work from the last week or so.......

Here are some friends from India joining our Paper Dolls project!!...

Some more of your lovely work....

Mrs Clark's Rainbow of Hearts inspired by Elsie