Key Stage 2

 If you complete all the activities in the plan below then please contact us to find out what to do next.  Either email us or click on the class blog link below.

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This fortnight you will be learning all about The world we live in!

  Key Stage 2 Book Club 




Join Mr Brabin as he explores a section of a book everyday.

Click here for the latest book club task.

Each week there will be different reading and writing activities to help you to produce a quality piece of writing.

This week we are learning to write a descriptive text about a setting connected to your country of choice.

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If you are still working on writing from last week, click here.

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Follow the link to the White Rose home learning activities for your year group:

Year 3           Year 4

Year 5           Year 6

Try to complete one lesson per day.

NB. Because of half term there are no lessons on BBC Bitesize this week.

We suggest using the Education city Times tables games .

Make a model of the Earth with the Equator, tropics and arctic circle marked on it


Healthy Minds and Bodies

Creative ideas

  • Write down anything that makes you smile or laugh this week and put it in a jar. At the end of the week, look through them all as a family
  • Walk, run or cycle 2Km. How long did it take? Can you beat your time on another day?

Think about your chosen country:

  • Create a shoe box model to show what it looks like and what living things you might find
  • Listen to the national anthem. Can you learn it?
  • Do they have a traditional national dance? Try to learn some of it.
  • Paint a landscape picture. (Remember to do a wash for the background and let it dry before adding the closer detail)
  • Build a model of a typical house or animal home that you might find there.
  • Imagine you are a travel show presenter. Make a short video to encourage people to visit.
  • Make a weather forecast video for a typical day.
  • What is their national dish? Can you make it?
  • How do they say hello and goodbye?

Remember, for a bit of fun we are also continuing with our weekly challenge - CLICK HERE to join in!