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To build self esteem and a positive attitude towards learning, aim for your child/ren to hear eight of the hearts and diamonds positive comments to every one 'I don't like it when you...' comment.  Remember this is over time, and some days will be more tricky than others so remember to be kind to yourself too.  Teaching is difficult. Parenting is difficult.  Trying to do both could be very hard.  Give yourself 8 positives too!  And if you need more help ring us, email us or look on the ELSA page for ideas.

Positive for being

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Appreciating someone for just being them.



Positive for doing

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‘I really like what you have done.’ ‘I appreciate it when you…’

Negative for being

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‘I don’t like you!’


This is NEVER used in school.

Negative for doing

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‘I don’t like it when you…’


 If you are looking for ways to reinforce positive behaviour then click here for some ideas.