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These are the areas of learning that will be covered during the academic year 2020/21.

Click where you see Knowledge Organiser for more information about the skills and knowledge covered in each unit. Knowledge organisers also act as a tool to support children in retaining and retrieving knowledge for life-long learning. 




Term 1 and 2

Autumn Term 

Is it ever OK to fight?

Term 3 and 4

Spring Term

How can we feed 10 Billion?

Term 5 and 6

Summer Term

What is the most important law?


Fight for survival – evolution. Inheritance, adaptation Fight or flight – the impact of adrenalin on the heart. Circulatory system.

Magnetic forces (recap)– attract and repel.

Investigation: How does exercise/adrenalin affect pulse rate?

Knowledge Organiser

Living things and their habitats

Nutrients and water transportation within a human Classification of plant and animals

Adaptation leading to evolution. Grow food in space?

Story – The Broad street Pump

Investigation: What affects how quickly salt dissolves in water?

Study: David Attenborough

Recap properties and changes of materials (Year 5)



Light and shadow linked to Anglo Saxon – sundials Electricity.

Story – The Rocket

Investigation: What makes a difference to a shadow?

Earth and Space – refer to Isacc Newton work from Year 3/4

Art and Design

Creating Artwork in the style of Picasso’s Guernica, futurism and Richard Hook’s Anglo-Saxon art to represent reactions to war. Use of colours and mark making (dashes, blocks of colour, strokes, points and fine brush strokes) to portray meaning. Artist study – Picasso

Knowledge Organiser

Food inspired flour paste batik/collage

Designing scenery for the end of year play - using screen printing and sculpture techniques.




Sphero link with D and T

Knowledge Organiser


E-safety – Scratch programming


Sphero robot programming

Design and technology



Design, make and evaluate: Create a ‘robot wars’ style game using a sphero/computer program to control the movement.

Technical knowledge: programming

Knowledge Organiser


Design, make and evaluate: Create a dish by substituting ingredients for more sustainable options.

Skills: cutting, slicing, grating, spreading, tasting, blending, mashing.



Physical geography locational knowledge Fighting for survival – mountaineering/extreme sports. Mountain regions.

Knowledge Organiser



Human geography Land use – farming/insect farms. Place Knowledge Comparison study looking at insect farming in Canada - Lacia Visit a working farm

Draw map with symbols and a key.



Locational Knowledge – land use patterns over time.

Where you can and cannot build.

Use fieldwork to observe, measure, record and present the human and physical features in the local area




Anglo-Saxons Invaders and settlers Needing somewhere to live

Non – European society Benin Kingdom – Becoming part of the British empire.

Knowledge Organiser

Beyond 1066 Food timeline from Tudors to present day. Sir Walter Raleigh

Viking and AS Anglo Saxons Law and justice


Listen and appreciate + History of music. Musicals – West side story

Ruckus short film https://vimeo.com/68344409?lite=1

Knowledge Organiser


Improvise and compose Perform in end of year play – singing, movement, creating sound effects/soundscapes.

Physical Education




Religious Education




Relationships Education


Working together Being assertive Acting appropriately Class contract – look at peace and conflict.



British Values and Global links


British value – to understand the consequence of your actions.

Goal 16 – Peace, justice and strong institutions.

Goal 10 – reduce inequalities.



Literacy Links

Quality texts chosen to enhance understanding of the theme and to build vocabulary/comprehension skills.

E-safety Poster design

Writing a survival guide

Balanced argument – it is/isn’t OK to fight

Letter writing

Quality texts chosen to enhance understanding of the theme and to build vocabulary/comprehension skills.


Explanation Writing – how water transports around a plant.

Writing up investigation -Science

Recipe writing

Quality texts chosen to enhance understanding of the theme and to build vocabulary/comprehension skills.


Persuasive letter writing – I believe xxxx is the most important law because…

Persuading people to build houses in certain areas

Maths Links

Data collection – pulse rate.  Finding averages of results.

Weighing and measuring ingredients

Budgeting and money – buying ingredients

10 Billion – number system

Time and seasons

Scale drawing