Following an extremely informative curriculum development training course run by experts Debra Kidd and Hywel Roberts, Blewbury School staff have now developed a new and exciting curriculum ready for September 2019. 

Each term the class project is planned around an inquiry question which will encourage children to think deeply about themselves as learners and about the world around them. This is a curriculum which will equip children to live in our diverse and mobile world. It will motivate and inspire them to become successful, life-long learners who achieve highly and show compassion to themselves and those around them.  Above all, this curriculum is designed to get children thinking about the common good and how they have the power to make the world a better place for everyone.

We will be teaching your children to think for themselves and act for others.

If you would like more information about our curriculum, please contact the headteacher:


For an explanation about how we planned each project please click here.

Inquiry Questions Spring term

DaVinci/Goldsworthy -How can we help other people to feel like they belong?

Picasso  -Is Water the most precious thing in the world?

Klimt Who has the power to change the world?

Banksy  -If we spoil earth do we have the right to inhabit another planet?

Inquiry Questions Autumn Term

DaVinci/Goldsworthy Classes - What is my superpower?

Picasso Class - What do human beings need?

Klimt Class - How has nature shaped where people live?

Banksy Class - How can we honour our past whilst creating a future?


To ensure that our curriculum is not only rich in knowledge and understanding but also ensures that your child makes rapid and sustained progress in each curriculum subject, we have devised skills progression documents for each area of the national curriculum. 

Please click on the subject areas below to find out the skills your child will be learning throughout the above projects.



Design and Technology




Maths Year 1, 2, 3, 4, 56


Physical Education



Science KS1

Science KS2



Diocese of Oxford 

Our religious education curriculum follows the Diocese of Oxford's long term planning.  Please click to view Key Stage 1 planning and Key Stage 2 planning.

Literacy: Phonics

There are essentially two stages to literacy learning:

Phonics - giving the basic ability to read and write

Grammar - giving the broader skills to be able to communicate well

Jolly Phonics teaches both stages thoroughly and enjoyably and we have chosen this programme to teach our phonics at Blewbury School. In the first stage the letter sounds are taught in a fun, multisensory way. Children learn how to use the letter sounds to read and write words.
In the second, grammar stage, the structure of the language is taught. This includes parts of speech, spelling, punctuation and more. Children learn how to express themselves accurately and well.


Oxford Reading Tree –  For children working on the early stages of reading we mainly use the Oxford Reading Tree scheme for individual readers. These fun character stories are perfect for early reading with familiar settings, real-life scenarios and humorous illustrations to hook children into reading. They are designed to enable children to practice decoding skills and start to develop broad rich language skills. We try to ensure books chosen are aligned to the phonics program and the books also include inside cover notes for adults to offer support in decoding, tackling tricky works and developing children's language comprehension.  For more information about how to support your child's reading please click here



To find out about our approach to teaching mathematics at Blewbury School, click here.