Hello and welcome back to another jam-packed term in Banksy Class.

In our topic this term ‘Life on Mars’ we will be focussing on our solar system. We will investigate some of the key moments in the history of space exploration as well as considering where we are at currently. We will be learning about the ISS (International Space Station) and specifically looking at Brit Tim Peake’s stay, 2015 - 2016.  

In Science we will be investigating some of the forces at play when we send spacecraft out of the atmosphere and considering what the ISS would need to provide for humans to live comfortably aboard. We will also be making sure we have a secure knowledge of our own solar system and we are able to name, order and describe features of the eight planets that orbit the sun.

The future of space exploration will also be considered, and we will be asking ourselves if humans have the right to inhabit other planets? In last term’s topic we discussed how finite resources are being used up at a drastic pace. Now, with the Americans announcing that they expect the first man to land on Mars in the 2030s, it will surely only be a few centuries before the possibility of starting a colony on another planet becomes a viable option to ensure longevity for our species. However, if we have made such a mess of this one, is it right that we even consider this? This citizenship idea will also be linked to RE where we will be discussing the marvels of the universe and if the ideas stemming from both science and religion can actually co-exist.

We have a fantastic new class novel, ‘Cosmic’ written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce – it is a really cracking book from arguably one of the best children’s writers of all time. It is absolutely hilarious in parts, so it will be nice to have a humorous angle on our quite serious topic.

There will also be the opportunity for some great space-themed Art and Design in this topic: wax crayon space scenes; collages of imaginary planets; designing moon buggies (considering knowledge of moon’s atmosphere from Science lessons); ‘Modroc’ alien masks.

Children will draft, edit and write up four pieces of writing covering four different genres including informative pieces, a newspaper report and a balanced argument. There will also be an opportunity for some creative writing too and we will be working on a diary entry, short story and creating a poem in the 2nd Spring term.

As well as a space-themed trip to ‘We The Curious’ in Bristol, we are also looking forward to the mobile planetarium visiting us at Blewbury - can’t wait!

Right, let’s work off those mince pies and get stuck into Spring!


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