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Class 5


Class teachers  -  Miss Becky Costello and Mrs Kerry White                    

Our assemblies this year 

 Friday 28th September 2018

Friday 1st February 2019

Friday 21st June 2019 - Year 4/5 residential 


Kingswood - Staffordshire 

for all KS 2 

Friday 9th November - Monday 12th November



Year 4/5 residential -  Cheddar youth Hostel, Somerset 

Monday 3rd  June - Friday 7th June 


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Arctic Explorers

Mission 2 - are we physically fit enough and mentally fit enough to go to the Arctic?

teacher on: Arctic Explorers

We took on the challenge of training for the Arctic.  

To physically prepare, we pulled tires around the field.  This helped us to feel what it would be like to pull a sled.  

To mentally prepare we had to take on the sleeping bag challenge.  In teams (one at a time) we had to get inside 3 sleeping bags whilst wearing thick woolly gloves.  It was really frustrating but we HAD to keep calm and keep going because if we got frustrated we might have damaged the zips.  If this happened in the Arctic there would be no shops to pop to to buy another sleeping bag, so we would be in danger!

We are really looking forward to mission 3!

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Mission 1 - what organisms live in the Arctic?

teacher on: Arctic Explorers

Have we got what it takes to become Arctic explorers?  

Over the next term we are going to be sent some exciting and challenging missions to complete from scientists who are working within the Arctic.  They are going to see how well we do at completing the missions before deciding on whether we have what it takes to become Arctic explorers!  Wish us luck!

Our first mission was to find out all about the different organisms we might come across on a trip to the Arctic, and how they rely on one another.  We did lots of research and created different food chains and food webs.

We found out about algae, copepods, clams, Arctic cod, Beluga whales, Walruses, Ringed seals and Polar Bears. 

What do you think would happen if one of these organisms became endangered and then extinct? How would that impact on the other creatures/plants within the Arctic?

Watch out for Mission 2 update.  This week we are going to be taking part in a grueling training regime to test whether we are physically and mentally fit enough to take on the Arctic conditions.

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