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This term the children's new inquiry question is...

Is water the most precious thing in the world?

Tuesday 4th February.

All of Picasso Class and helper volunteers went on a walk around Blewbury Village with Mrs Audrey Long(from Blewbury historical society) to look at why Blewbury is where it is.

We discovered that Blewbury is built around many sources of water including springs. We visited the home of Mr Peter Cockrell, who showed us the well in his back garden. 

We enjoyed finding out about where we come to school and this will set us on our journey of finding out about other settlements and why people settle.

Year 3/4

Class Teacher: Mrs Nicky Galbraith, BEd Mathematics


Teaching Assistants: Mrs Thanushka Kokkuhannandige, Miss Brittany White.

Welcome back to a new year and a new term.  As a staff team, we aim to continue to create a happy, safe and purposeful learning environment, in which the children feel a sense of belonging and are always able to give their best.

This class page will aid to involve you in your child's learning and progress.  Herein, you will continue to find copies of letters, presentations, an overview of learning for the term ahead, ideas for supporting learning at home and half-termly reviews of our adventures.

Last term was a busy term filled with many exciting opportunities for the children. The opening of Class Picasso's art gallery was a great success - even being mentioned on the Cornerstone facebook page.

This term we will be going on our residential to Hillend outside Oxford. Full details and cost will be in a letter shortly.

We will also be putting on a Year 3/4 performance before Easter - First time ever that Year 3 and 4 have come together to give the children an opportunity to perform on stage! More details will follow.

A selection of pictures showing Picasso class labelling a skeleton and Mrs Galbraith, making their own poop and much more! Enjoy!

Healthy sandwich making on Thursday 3rd October

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