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A HUGE well done!


Well done everyone - click on your name to download your certificate.

Key Stage 1 certificates

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Certificates for Chennai Children

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Key Stage 2 medals

 Gold Ben aimed throw.docxDownload
 Gold Ben D short run.docxDownload
 Gold Ben D stand.docxDownload
 Gold Ben D throw.docxDownload
 Gold Charlie timed bounce.docxDownload
 Gold Ewan long run.docxDownload
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 silver Ben L aimed throw.docxDownload
 silver Ben L long run.docxDownload
 silver Ben L timed bounce.docxDownload
 silver Ewan aimed throw.docxDownload
 silver Ewan short run.docxDownload
 silver Ewan throw.docxDownload
 silver Millie jump.docxDownload
 silver Ronnie short run.docxDownload
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 bronze Ben D long run.docxDownload
 bronze Ben L short run.docxDownload
 bronze Charlie aim throw.docxDownload
 bronze Millie jump.docxDownload
 bronze Ronnie aim throw.docxDownload
 bronze Ronnie throw.docxDownload
 bronze Ronnie timed bounce.docxDownload
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Winner of the KS2 Flag competition. Well done Chloe 

Winner of the KS1 Flag competition. Well done Georgina