PTA Members


All parents and members of the school community can get involved no matter how much time you can spare.   It doesn't matter if you can't make all the evening meetings, just your help at the occasional event, whether that is a cake sale for your child's class or the Summer fair, would be gratefully received.  

If you want to contact the PTA, please speak to any of the members listed below, or register your interest at the school office and they will be only too happy to pass your details on.

  Below is a table which lists our current PTA members and the class that their children are in.


Sally Lewis (Chair) Class 2,5
Emma Southwell-Sander (Deputy Chair and Publicity) Class 4,5
Carma Cooper (Treasurer) Class 4
Phil Lascelles (Secretary) Class 3
Janet Morgan  Class 6
Michelle Field Class 1
Patrycja Meadows Class 4
Marianne Wood Class 3
Marion Mills