Pupil premium


Pupil Premium 2017/18

      Impact of Pupil Premium 17/18 

  • Increased levels achieved in KS2 SATS - Maths and Reading 
  • Attendance at the DEN and increase in confidence
  • HSLW supported attendance of Key Children and provided a stable support link. 
  • HSLW was able to support children post parental bereavement whilst settling in following a school transfer
  • Raising achievement in KS2 SATS overal
  • Vulnerable children more secure at lunch time and therefore more engaged in work in the afternoon
  • Art continued to provide increased confidence and a calm, quiet space with through a non threatening activity
  • Ability to attend day trips and residential visits  - developed confidence - readiness for secondary transfer - giving opportunities that wouldn't otherwise be available
  • School council gave leadership opportunities and a sense of community
  • Meetings with parents encouraged better attendance, less risk of exclusion and encouraged positive relationships with parents 

Pupil Premium 18/19