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We are a consistently good school, and again in 2015 we received a ‘good’ OFSTED rating.


The key findings from our most recent OFSTED report states that we are a good school because…


  • Pupils have positive attitudes, good behaviour, and they enjoy coming to school  
  • Pupils feel safe in school and parents are confident that their children are well cared for.  
  • We provide an innovative and engaging curriculum, and children feel that the teachers make learning fun.  
  • The children are very enthusiastic about the broad range of educational visits we offer.  
  • We have extensive links with schools in other countries which enhances the pupils’ understanding of different cultures and faiths.  
  • There is an emphasis throughout school on rights, responsibilities and respect which OFSTED feel prepares our children well for life in modern Britain.  
  • School leaders and governors ensure that good teaching enables all groups of children to achieve well. 

The school would like to thank all the teachers, support staff, children, parents, governors and members of the wider community for the work they do to help develop and maintain the great school we have.  Thank you!



The school takes safeguarding very seriously and works hard to not only keep a safe school environment but works to actively promote a safe experience for children when they are outside of the school environment whether that is in our care or otherwise. 

Parents - Please be aware we have a duty of care to if necessary share information about your child to other agencies or new schools, we will also receive information from previous schools 

Within school

  • We follow the School Safeguarding Policy which is updated annually
  • Complete the annual safeguarding report which is returned to the county council
  • Rigorously manage our Central Record 
  • Ensure that volunteers and governors are DBS compliant
  • Ensure safeguarding training for all staff and governors and provide three yearly and at appropriate interim points 
  • Follow the guidelines of Safer Recruitment 
  • Complete risk assessments for activities both within school and when learning outside of the premises
  • Listen carefully to children when they are telling us matters of concern to them , being mindful not to ask leading questions
  • Record what is said to us and follow up with Safeguarding Lead or one of the deputies 
  • Liaise with LCSS or MASH as appropriate 
  • Attend Core group meetings for pupils on Child in Need or Safeguarding Plan