Key Stage 2

In Key Stage 2 there are opportunities throughout the year for children to either receive visitors or complete day visits to places of interest that are connected with the curriculum. 

When we take pupils out of school we are careful to have appropriate ratios of adults. In key Stage 2 there is a recommendation for approximately 1:7 for Year 3 and then 1:10 for Year 4 -6. Obviously the situation and circumstance helps to determine the appropriate ratio. Sometimes too many adults can be counter productive and children can find it difficult as to know who to respond to. On some occasions when in a very restricted are with immediate access to toilets etc the ratio may increase. These are guidelines not absolute numbers. 

At the beginning of each year parents sign a permission slip for local visits eg Partnership events and Sports Meetings, visits within the village. Whilst you will be notified of these events you will not be asked for individual permission. For trips further away specific permission is needed and one way that this can be achieved is by paying deposits on Parentmail payment, this automatically is recognised as permission. 


Term 1


Term 2

Kingswood Activity Weekend  Friday 11th November - Monday 14th November


Term 3


Term 4


Term 5

Year 3 residential visit  to Court Hill, Ridgeway, Wantage Tuesday 25th April - Friday 28th April

Erasmus visit to Finland - opportunity for 6-8 Year 5/6 pupils Tues 16th May - Sun 21st May 

Term 6 

Year 4 and 5 residential visit to Cheddar Youth Hostel Mon 5th June - Fri 9th June 

Year 6 residential to Minehead Central Adventure Mon 5th June - Fri 9th June