Class 6


Class Teacher - Mrs Nicky Galbraith

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Heather Lambourne and Mrs Emma Wilkinson


Our assemblies this year are o 

14th October 2016

20th January 2017

16th June 2016 - Year 6 residential 

23rd June 2016 - Year 4/5 residential 

We have had lots of fun finding out about the circulatory system in Class 6. Including dissecting a pig's heart and lungs!!


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Class 6 Explorer Blog

Food chains in the Arctic

teacher on: Class 6 Explorer Blog

Did you know that in the arctic as well as in other climates animals rely on each other to survive. In class 6 we have been looking at how one species is dependent on another. We have made food mobiles and hung them up in the classroom.

Look out for the next post about training to be an explorer!

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Blog begins!!

teacher on: Class 6 Explorer Blog

Wow! we now have a class 6 blog. Comment on this blog about becoming a polar explorer. Thoughts, expectations, feelings etc...


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