At Blewbury we have six classes. 

We have a Foundation Stage class. 

In Key Stage 1 we have two classes, one for Year 1 and the other Year 2. Each of these classes have their own Teaching Assistants. 

We have an ELSA (Emotional Literacy) Teaching Assistant -  Mrs Emma Wilkinson

In Key Stage 2 we have three classes. This year we have a Year 3/4 (the youngest Yr 4), a Year 4/5 ( for the younger Year 5 ) and a Year 6 class for the older Year 5 and the Year 6 pupils. 

The Teaching Assistants will be used across the Key Stage as needed. 

Mrs Heather Lambourne, Mrs Kelly Williams, Mrs Tracy Bayliss, Mrs Gemma Woollard and Mrs Debbie Ritson 


The School Council is represented by pupils in Classes 4 , 5 and 6