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Dear Parents and Prospective parents,

 This web site is designed to give you an understanding of the many and varied opportunities that we offer the children at our school. All schools have a requirement to promote the National Curriculum but it is in the delivery of this and the foundation stage that we hope to stand out from other schools. By promoting a more thematic approach to our work we endeavour to provide the children with a much more holistic, first hand and engaging experience, where learning is real and related to the child. We are already finding that this approach is raising attainment particularly in reading and writing and in the latest national curriculum review this approach was applauded and advocated as the future development for our schools.

We also attach a great deal of importance to our pupils attitude to learning and encourage them to develop a real understanding of themselves as learners. We have as part of the fundamental basis of our curriculum the elements of 'Learning to Learn' which are resilience, responsibility, resourcefulness,reasoning and reflection and we use these attitudinal approaches alongside emotional intelligence to develop well rounded citizens that develop an ability to problem solve, take risks and develop an understanding of  their impact on other people's lives.

This approach to learning is continued through our Behaviour Strategy which  promotes peaceful problem solving as well as a developed understanding of  actions and consequences and positive reinforcement. Each class develops a class contract and this can be used as a basis for both reward and support, when pupils have difficulty. 

 On this web site we attempt to outline the uniqueness of Blewbury School and share with you our ethos as outlined through our aims and daily missions.

 It is difficult in any document whether through a web site or a prospectus to convey the true dynamism of an establishment such as a school. There is rightly continuous development, as new ideas are integrated into the fabric of learning or areas of the curriculum are cyclically reviewed. Some changes arise from response to National Initiatives and other developments are due to the interactions of groups of children, parents and staff.

 We welcome you to view our school if you are new and if you are an existing parent thank you for your continuing support and work to give your children a rich and rewarding school environment.

 Yours Sincerely

Ms Marion Mills - Head teacher


Sharing a story
Sharing a story