The 2010 Single Equality Act places a duty on governing bodies to publish information to show how their school complies with the Equality Duty.

At Blewbury School equality of opportunity is an inherent part of our ethos. We treat everyone fairly and all activities and opportunities are open to all pupils. Our curriculum has the flexibility to be inclusive whilst still supporting the needs of children who require support or offering challenge to the most able. Children are valued for their varied intelligences and the different teaching styles used throughout the curriculum by all teachers are carefully matched to enhance pupil learning, whichever their preferred learning style. Children respected in this way grow to respect both similarities and differences between themselves and visitors.


We place real importance on emotional intelligence and the understanding of our actions, helping children to develop personally and socially in order to become good citizens. Pupils are encouraged to be able to express opinions and contribute during ‘circle time’. This helps with decision-making during class council meetings. Our School Council represents all ages in the school, and meets weekly. Our oldest children entertain the local senior citizens when they come for Harvest Tea, which all the children in the school help to make and bake. These older friends are also welcomed to lunches throughout the year and in particular at Christmas.

We create links throughout the school when we have book buddies, or classes which walk together to Church. Our Year 6 children follow an Injury Minimisation Programme (IMPS) based at Abingdon Hospital and a Junior Citizens course. Some also represent the school at a Crime Prevention quiz.

At Blewbury School it is very important to us that children succeed in all aspects of their lives. In order to do this, it is essential that we both respect and encourage the varying intelligences that our children possess. Our team system also promotes both academic achievement and good behaviour.

Last year the first set of Year 6 peer mediators were trained, and throughout the year they were able to help resolve friendship issues for the other children within school. They did this using a format which is called peaceful problem solving. This was so successful that before leaving for secondary school they helped to train the Year 5s, who this year will take on the role of peer mediators within school.

Blewbury Primary School Equality Objectives Policy Document