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In 2012 we again received a 'good' OFSTED rating. We were really pleased with this as the framework had changed again in January 2012. Thank you once again to everyone for all their hard work.

In early 2009 we achieved not only a “good” Ofsted rating, but one with significant “outstanding” elements. Here are just a few of the highlights:

“The school provides an exceptional curriculum” which “captures pupils' enthusiasm for learning and their thirst for knowledge.”

“....teaching and learning are of consistently good quality and some lessons are outstanding.”

“Teachers... invariably set interesting and challenging activities that are well matched to pupils' interests and learning needs”

“The curriculum is exceptionally well enriched by a wide range of visits that support learning, including residential visits for all Key Stage 2 pupils, and also by visitors to the school.”

“Pupils in all year groups are eager to learn, enjoy coming to school and behave exceptionally well.”

“Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development are outstanding.”

 “Pupils are proud of their contribution to the school and to the lives of others through membership of the influential school council and eco-councils” and “thrive on the many opportunities that they have to take responsibility”.

 “Parents were unanimous in saying that their children enjoy school and this is reflected in the exceptionally high levels of attendance.”

 “The school emphasis on the international dimension is a great strength.....” “The outstanding emphasis on global development has enabled the pupils to have a highly developed sense of the importance of global understanding.”

 “There is a good emphasis on the arts, particularly music, which successfully encourages pupils to develop their specific talents and interests.”

The School would like to thank all the teachers, support staff, children, parents and wider community for the work they do to help develop and maintain the great school we have. Thankyou!